Idea No. 1


Here are the typical park birds mentioned in this chapter, in order of appearance

Male mallard (drake):Drake mallard

Female mallard (hen duck):Female mallard (hen duck)

Duck doing its upside-down trick:Upside down duck

The familiar “quack” of the female mallard:

Male mallards don’t make the same quacking noise:

As I mentioned, not all ducks quack. This is the pochard:

And this is the common scoter:

What else can you see in the park? Possibly a moorhen:Moorhen

And a coot or two:Coot

This is a commonly heard call of a moorhen:

And the coot:

Moving onto geese, maybe you will see the Canada goose, with its white chin strap:Canada goose

Or the Egyptian goose with its “black eyes”:Egyptian goose

Or one of the grey geese such as this greylag goose:Greylag goose

And maybe the lake you visit will really be a “Swan Lake”?Mute swan

And here’s the great crested grebe I mentioned, taking its young for a ride on its back:

Great crested grebe

And slightly older juvenile great crested grebes (the noisy ones):Great crested grebes

Once the juvenile grebes are heard, they are never forgotten:


What other birds did you and the child see in the park? Drop me a line on the Contact page or add a comment below, and I’ll include a photo and/or sound recording.

Credits: All photos from Pixabay. Sound recordings from Xeno-Canto by Jarek Matusiak (male mallard), Joost van Bruggen (pochard), Carlos Sires (moorhen), Jorge Leitao (coot), and Tero Linjama (female mallard, common scoter and great crested grebe).

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