Idea No. 2


Photos, videos, links and additional info to this chapter on how to watch birds in a garden.

Here are some suction pad seed and nut holders for an apartment window:

Suction pad feeders

I mention peregrine falcons in the city. Here’s a short 90-second clip of these birds in London:

For a stunning video of a peregrine falcon “stooping” or diving at its prey, watch this:

Ready to count your garden birds? Here are links to some of the national garden bird censuses:

The Great Backyard Bird Count (USA)

Big Garden Birdwatch (UK)

Aussie Backyard Bird Count (Australia)

New Zealand Garden Bird Survey

Garden Bird Survey (Ireland)

Oiseaux des Jardins (France)

De Nationale Tuinvogeltelling (the Netherlands)

Devine qui vient manger au jardin (Belgium: Wallonia)

Het Grote Vogelweekend (Belgium: Flanders)

Do you have any other ideas to encourage a child to watch birds from apartments or in a garden? Drop me a line on the Contact page or in the comments box below and I’ll add your idea to the list.

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